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Congress Drafting National "Right-to-Work" Bill - Sinistral [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Josh Fredman

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Congress Drafting National "Right-to-Work" Bill [Feb. 3rd, 2017|02:38 pm]
Josh Fredman
This wouldn't be the end of unions per se, but it'd be like removing the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act: It would devastate the financial solvency of unions.

Even so, at this point the propaganda war has been so successful that there is very little appreciation left in the US for unions. The world, and certainly American society in particular, is changing away from a paradigm of worker rights and empowerment toward one of worker complacency and acquiescence. People expect their jobs to be shit, expect to get a raw deal, but they are just comfortable enough materially and in the workplace that it short-circuits the momentum to organize. Unions arose because people were being butchered in the factories for starvation wages. That visceral injustice more or less no longer exists.

It is one of the worst of all flaws in human nature, and one of the most fatal, I think, that the overwhelming majority of people cannot seem to string together cause and effect or conceive of hypotheticals. If more people could do that, we wouldn't be having all these problems in society. Instead, it seems that the fabric of American culture has decayed into--or perhaps has always been in--a state of primitivism, encompassing only the immediate world.

Ah, but who needs unions, national parks, a free Internet, foreign allies, healthcare, food, the right to vote, clean air, birth control, police accountability, or equality under the law, eh?