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Celestial Conjunction: Moon, Venus, Mars - Sinistral [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Josh Fredman

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Celestial Conjunction: Moon, Venus, Mars [Feb. 1st, 2017|02:17 am]
Josh Fredman
I saw the celestial conjunction tonight! I had been looking forward to it all month ever since reading about it in an astronomy forecast. Moreover, it had been particularly forward in my mind in the past week or more, because I had falsely remembered the conjunction as being much earlier than it actually ended up being, and so it occupied an unusually large swath of "imminent" status in my expectations.

The waxing crescent Moon, Venus, and Mars making the top of the triangle. Quite lovely though in the city Mars does not get to shine the way it did on the Mountain.

Oh, and I also noticed that you can just barely make out the galaxy ribbon here in Bellingham, if you know to look for it.