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Josh Fredman

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Storage Liberation Day! [Jan. 27th, 2017|02:38 am]
Josh Fredman

Today was Liberation Day! I drove down to Seattle and filled the Discovery with loose bits and various items from my storage unit--not only lots of the stuff I brought with me from Texas, but lots of the stuff I put in the unit originally, six-and-a-half years ago. It was very tiring work, and Lord Reekris did these things ever get filthy! But I was very excited and even somewhat euphoric at this first step of reuniting with my long-sequestered material life. Some of the things I brought back include virtually all of my art collection, my original computer (which I could theoretically try turning on right now), my vital documents (hopefully including my birth certificate, my Heat Dish, a new can of glop for the opilions (the first can lasted all this time!), my liquor cabinet, Trafalgar, and three lamps!

The lamps are important because my new home is incredibly dark: There are only three built-in lights in the living room area, two of which are a closet light and the stovetop light, and the colors and crevices of this place virtually eat light, so it has been incredibly dark here. While I don't do well in bright outdoor daylight, I absolutely thrive on indoor light, and getting my Personal Relaxation Lamp back was the thing I was most looking forward to ahead of my trip down there.

As it turned out I couldn't find my Personal Relaxation Lamp, but I did get three lamps (!!!) back from the Old Days, with which I immediately more than doubled the amount of light in the living room as soon as I got back and finished bringing everything in. It was nostalgic to turn the first of the three lamps on: That little fluorescent bulb took a second or so before lighting up at all, then flickered for another second, before finally settling into its incipient, thin glow: the first time it had been powered on since 2010! Now it is glowing radiantly right next to me, and I can see my keyboard at nighttime for the first time since I arrived here! And just like that, those three extra lights make this place feel quite different, and a lot more like home.

The day was exhausting, and I'm pretty sure I absorbed, like, three plagues and a hanta. Right now my heart is all quivery, which happens sometimes (thankfully seldom), so I'm going to go easy on myself for the rest of the night and probably tomorrow.

The big move, with the truck and the sticks of furniture, is hopefully going to be on Sunday. My friend Rob--one of my only friends in the Seattle area--isn't going to be able to help me that day, and I was gnashing my teeth for a while at the thought of hauling all that stuff on my own or paying huge bucks to hire someone to help, before I learned that my friend and former coworker Zach is still in Seattle. So I'm going to get some help after all!

Due to the cramped quarters of my new home and the state of filth all of my stored belongings are in, I anticipate it will take a serious amount of work to finally settle into this place. Currently it's a royal mess.

Also: It's damn impressive how much you can stuff into a full-size sedan. I wish I had photographed my trip from California to Washington because that was some Level 10 Tetris right there. But today was pretty impressive too: at least a Level 7.

As a side benefit: I didn't turn on my computer this morning, so I didn't get to read any news all day long (till just a little while ago). Thus I didn't have to have the latest Republican carnage in mind. It was nice. I'll be wanting to do that sometimes, I think.